If you are feeling stuck, frustrated, depressed or just not at you optimum health and performance, I can help.

Whether you want to enhance your zest for life, increase your  strength, or improve your balance and gait, my Kauai holistic personal training is an effective tool. Forty years of working with all ages and body types has given me the ability to offer tools that help you achieve the goals we can set together.

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I am Marko Kowalksi, an experienced personal trainer on Kauai offering expert training with a holistic approach. When working with a client, I give simple tests for flexibility, strength and endurance. Then, I set benchmarks and work with you to achieve your goals.

My goal is to help you reach total health and well-being. Go to the gym within! (c) 1995

I invite you to read the About Marko page and watch the images on this website to see how I work with individuals to achieve optimum health, strength, and balance.

CLICK HERE to Contact me!

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