About Marko

My experience working with the healing arts spans mind, body and spirit. My training includes yoga, Edgu movement, Shiatsu finger pressure massage, macrobiotic cooking, and 40 years of martial arts training (Aikdo, Tai Chi, karate).

I am a Kauai personal trainer. I began my studies in the martial arts at age fourteen, when Dale Jenkins, master of Isshinryu Karate Do, came into my life. One of the many teachings that Master Jenkins shared with me was that “all things are possible with a positive attitude.” He taught me how to teach others to move their bodies to enhance their awareness of life, and to inspire people.

For seven years, I studied martial arts, then opened two martial arts schools in northern New Jersey, where I began to share my passion and gifts. Over the past 40 years I have broadened my studies to include yoga, breathwork, shiatsu, meditation and other healing arts to address holistic healing.

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In 1994 in Seattle, I founded the TRI-Hara Holistic Wellness Program, which I taught to people of all ages: children, adults and seniors. As Kauai’s holistic personal trainer, I love helping people look at their lives with a holistic approach. TRI-Hara is a powerful way to align the mind, body and heart to help people live their lives to the fullest potential.

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1 Response to About Marko

  1. Marko I love your new website and these pics of you especially, in the elements and working with seniors and children. I hope lots of people are smart enough to come to you and get health and healing!!

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